Keepsake Jars

Designed and made in New Zealand these keepsake jars are just a delightful treat and create beautiful colour for your wedding table favours.

Each 3D design uses polymer clay and the lids are standard sizes to fit most jars.  As the name suggests a Keepsake Gift designed to be remembered.

If you already have jars but just want the lids no problem.   You can purchase these with three different options.

  1. Purchase just the lid
  2. Purchase jar and lid empty
  3. Complete jar with lid and lollies as described below

Jar Sizes:  

  • Small - 110ml
  • Medium - 195ml
  • Large - 285ml
  • Allsorts - Filled with Licorice Lollies
  • Jellybeans - Filled with Jelly Beans
  • Lolly NZ - Filled with Milk Bottles
  • Citrus - Filled with Orange and Lemon Jubes
  • Kiwifruit - Filled with Kiwifruit Rock
  • Flowers - Filled with Soft Fruit Jubes
  • Rose - Filled with Strawberry Chews
  • Pansy - Filled with Assorted Rock
  • Daisy - Filled with Assorted Rock
  • Beach - Filled with Soft Fruit Jubes
  • Rainbow - Filled with Assorted Rock

* Have a particular colour theme you would like, then contact us with a copy of your colour board and design you are after, and we can create your own personal theme.(Setup charge may apply)  

 * Allow up to 14 days for delivery  - longer if we are creating a new design for you.