Wedding IdeasYour wedding is ultimately all about you. It’s your big day. It’s you who is about to make the biggest social and emotional commitment of your lifetime. The only problem is that your wedding isn’t just about you really. At some point, you and your wedding planner are going to have to sit down create an official wedding guest list. This being the case, how to you decide who to and who not to share the biggest day of your life with?

Always put your Wedding Ideas & Theme First

At some point, we’ve all heard someone grumble about not being invited to a friend or loved one's wedding. The simple truth of the matter, however, is that you should rarely (if ever) send out a blanket wedding invitation to everyone who you know. Instead, the amount of people (and the types of people) who you include on your wedding guest list, should always be weighed against the overall wedding ideas and theme which you have in mind.

With any wedding you need to budget carefully. However, even if you can afford a lavish ceremony followed by a reception in a high-capacity venue, it’s still not a good idea to invite absolutely everyone you know. The more people you have to entertain, the easier it will be for you to start feeling exhausted, simply by trying to mingle and entertain in the first place.

Smaller Reception Wedding Ideas

Because it can be easy to literally lose yourself in a high-capacity wedding venue where you invite as many people as possible, it can be a good idea to plan a more modest reception. Hiring a smaller venue, after all, not only makes things more intimate and immediately manageable. Instead, as well as these benefits, holding a smaller reception makes those not on your wedding guest list less likely to feel purposefully overlooked.

Choosing who to Include on your Wedding Guest List

As a rule, if you are on loving and amiable terms with your immediate family, it would be something of a faux pass not to invite a certain somebody unless you have a good reason not to. It is important, however, to state outright whether or not guests themselves can invite a plus one. If not, even the best-planned dream wedding could quickly buckle under the weight of too many mouths to feed and too few spots on the dance floor to go round.

That said, when it comes to friends, family, and work confidants, it’s important to separate people into distinct groups. - Namely, those who you can realistically see as being part of your life in 5 years and those who you are perhaps not so sure of. At the same time, never forget that it is perfectly fine to adopt a no child and no plus one policy at your wedding. Usually, your guests will understand. Try, however, to refrain from making exceptions for certain people and not others, as this could lead to tension.

Always ask your Guests to RSVP

wedding guest list

If you are in the process of drawing up your wedding to-do list, you will no doubt quickly be realising that the costs associated with every ‘to do’ can quickly escalate. This being the case, always try to finalise your wedding guest list early. If you do and you request that each of your guests RSVP’s by a certain date, you will be better able to budget and plan your wedding around a set number of attendees.

Of course, there will always be someone who can’t make it to your wedding. However, the benefit, in this case, is that by asking invitees to RSVP early, you will be able to invite friends and relatives later in place of those who for whatever reason have had to decline your invite.

Remember that it’s your Wedding and No-one Else's

When it comes to compiling your wedding guest list, it can be easy to feel like you should try and please everyone you know. As a rule, however, even if you feel like you have upset someone by not including them or not extending an invitation to that person's new partner, you need to remember that real friends won’t hold a grudge for long. If they do, this is probably a sign that you were right to leave that person off your guest list in the first place.

 Just remember, your wedding is about you and the people who you feel closest to. Those who feel entitled to be present simply aren’t worth the trouble of worrying about in the first place. 

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