- Will you soon be attending a close friend or family member's engagement party? If so, you’re likely looking for the perfect engagement gift. Thankfully, at Wedding for you, we stock a wide range of inspiring engagement present ideas.

Thoughtful and practical, our engagement gift items are designed to be both functional and decorative. Our range of wedding planner diaries, for example, don’t just help couples plan their big day. Rather, each one will be cherished afterwards as a beautiful keep safe.

FUN & FUNCTIONAL ENGAGEMENT PRESENTS - Giving an engagement gift with practical functionality ensures that it will be well received and appreciated by your friends and loved ones. However, many Wedding for you gifts are fun as well as just practical and our wedding countdown sign is one such item.  

Designed to be presented in a couple's home in much the same way as a calendar, the inset heart shaped chalkboard on our countdown sign allows couples to count down the days to their wedding ceremony. Even better, our countdown sign can be used afterwards as a particularly beautiful noticeboard.

PERSONALISED ENGAGEMENT GIFTS - Are you looking for something touchingly personal to gift your friend or loved one? If so our signature blocks and picture frames make for particularly perfect party gift pieces. With each item designed to be signed by engagement party guests, each piece can be used as a home decorative piece long after a wedding.   

Still stuck for ideas? Sometimes wedding decorations and party pieces can also make beautiful engagement party gifts. In this case, make sure to peruse through our wedding gift and decorations catalogue for even more engagement party gift ideas.

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