Wedding Tips & Ideas

  • A wedding is one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences a couple can go through. On top of the actual act of getting married, a wedding is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the love two people have for each other. While the focus of every wedding is, of course, the
    bride and groom, there has to be a little something for the guests besides getting to watch family members or friends get married. These are usually where things like wedding favours come into play. View Post
  • Signs & Chalkboards

    CHALKBOARDS FOR WEDDINGS & OTHER WEDDING DECORATIONS -Chalkboards for weddings might not be the first thing which cross your mind when thinking about the best wedding decorations for your upcoming ceremony or reception. However, increasing amounts of couples and wedding planners are discovering that chalkboards for weddings are the icing on the cake when it comes to adding a few high-quality finishing touches to reception areas especially.
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  • Wedding IdeasYour wedding is ultimately all about you. It’s your big day. It’s you who is about to make the biggest social and emotional commitment of your lifetime. The only problem is that your wedding isn’t just about you really. At some point, you and your wedding planner are going to have to sit down create an official wedding guest list. This being the case, how to you decide who to and who not to share the biggest day of your life with?
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